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Terms and Conditions

Full details can be found on our General Info Page.

All Venus Harps Have a Five (5) Year Warranty on Workmanship and Materials. From student models to Gold Grand Concert and everything in between, Venus Harps are backed by one of the best warranties in the industry. (strings, felts, rubber components and tubing are not covered for ANY model). More Info

Deposit Required
on all harp orders.
Minimum of 1/3 deposit on total harp cost. Shipping cartons $350.00, shipping/insurance costs to be added to invoice at time of shipment.  No warranty titles are issued until all payments for harp, shipping and insurance have been paid in full.

Shipping Costs
via Commercial Carriers are Collect. W&W delivery is available when/where warranted and billed on final invoice.

Prices DO NOT include V.A.T.
or other duty & taxes imposed upon imports. These charges are the sole responsibility of the Customer or entity purchasing our instruments.

Standard Finishes
are available at no extra charge (Walnut, Brown Mahogany, Red Mahogany, Ebony). Decal on soundboard or bronzing highlights at no extra charge but must be noted at time of initial order.

2013 Harp Price List

Printable Price Sheet

Student Harps
Seraphim 42 Strings - Straight Soundboard $10,450
44 Strings - Straight Soundboard $11,825
Chamber Harps
Penti S
44 Strings - Extended Soundboard $12,235
44 Strings - Extended Soundboard $12,235
Concert Harps
46 Strings - Extended Soundboard $15,000
Penti C
46 Strings - Extended Soundboard $15,000
46 Strings - Extended Soundboard $15,000
46 Strings - Extended Soundboard $16,900
46 Strings - Extended Soundboard $17,300
Classic - C Ltd
46 Strings - Extended Soundboard $20,000
Grand Concert Harps
Penti GC
47 Strings - Extended Soundboard $19,425
47 Strings - Extended Soundboard $19,425
47 Strings - Extended Soundboard $20,675
47 Strings - Extended Soundboard $21,300
47 Strings - Extended Soundboard $22,350
47 Strings - Extended Soundboard $22,980
Limited Production: Only 2 More will be built
47 Strings - Extended Soundboard
Requires Added Production Time
Venus Gold
46 Strings - Extended Soundboard $47,850
47 Strings - Extended Soundboard $51,600
47 Strings - Extended Soundboard $52,350
47 Strings - Extended Soundboard $52,900
Limited Production
47 Strings - Extended Soundboard
Requires Added Production Time

5 year warranty on all models

Finishes: Standard Finish on ALL models is Brown Mahogany, Red Mahogany, Walnut and Ebony.  Natural on Concert Grands and can be requested on concert Models.  Decal is included on all models. At no additional charge bronzing highlights on fluting in columns, rings neck, base, baseboard and feet (must be noted at time of written order)
ALL models include fitted transport cover, tuning key and key holder.

Showroom inventory is limited to popular models and finishes.  All models can be put into production upon Client order for model and finish as requested.  Custom and Specialty finishes and detailing are available upon written request and the costs for custom and specialty finishes will be quoted at the time of order.

ALL orders require a 30% deposit to hold any showroom model or to create a production order for a new or custom harp.  Terms and conditions may vary on custom harps.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Confirmed orders with deposit remain at confirmed prices.

List prices do not include shipping or delivery charges with insurance or cost of container when shipped.