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PEAR SHAPED TONES - Kara Dahl Russell
Venus Prodigy Chamber/Salon Harp

From an extended family of classical musicians, Kara RussellKara and her siblings were raised making music.  She had played piano, violin, cello and alto horn by the age of 16.  In her teens, cello was her primary instrument, and she studied with several teachers including Keith Fleming (of the National Symphony), she also studied voice and was a soloist.  A legit contralto, in college she studied voice with John Crane - regular operetta co-star of world-famous Marnie Nixon.
Kara has been a professional character actress on the east coast, D.C., NYC, and in Los Angeles for 30 years.  She has over 40 legit stage productions in her resume, in additon to nightclub work, improv., performance art (with international artist John Antone) and singing.   She has appeared in commercials in Germany and starred as a "Hitchcock Blonde" in an indie film thriller (JUDY).  She trained at the prestiqious Shakespeare Theatre in Washington D.C.
For three years, Kara was the Resident Harpist on staff at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, where she was also a vocal soloist.  Kara says, "Short of living in the Renaissance and having a patron, it was the best atmosphere for learning and growing!  I played in services almost every week, played receptions, memorials and weddings, over 50 events each year.  Because it was Los Angeles, I was working alongside magnificent musicians, many of them with Doctorates, all regularly performing, many of virtuoso calibre, and incredibly diverse musical interests."  Kara studied with Dr. Allison Bjorkedal (international harpist, featured in the 2009 Andre Bocelli Christmas Special).  In her last year at FPCH (2009), Kara put together a concert of soloists for the National Day of Prayer, and held a benefit recital just before she moved back east.
Kara is currently a classical music host on public radio station WSCL-FM, M-F from 6PM-8PM.
In March 2010 she was principal harpist with the Salisbury Symphony Orchestra, and she continues to perform and play events.  Kara is interested in early pedal harp performance practices, and also plays Baroque cello and recorder. 
Kara Russell"The folks at W&W made it easy to have the harp of my dreams.  People always comment on the exceptional beauty of my Venus harp.  I wanted a harp that had a classic, historic salon harp look, and even children have asked if it is an antique!  My teacher - who now owns one of Harpo Marx's harps - said the sound is rich and full, even throughout, and the bass has nice clarity.  I'm a very satisfied customer!"   Kara Dahl Russell
Contact Kara (Pear Shaped Tones) at dahlrussell@yahoo.com and visit my website at  www.karadahlrussell.com

Kara Dahl Russell
Classical Music Host  89.5
Delmarva Public Radio
P.O. Box 2596  Salisbury, MD 21802

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