Determine Harp Value

Please be advised that we cannot put a dollar amount on your harp for you to sell.  There is no way we can determine a resale value - that is between the owner and seller - IF you have the original sale price at your time of purchase as the original owner,  its from there you decide what you want to ask.  If you are not the original owner and need to know the date of manufacture and the Sale price at that point in time follow the email directions below.

The price will eventually be determined by the age, physical condition of the  main structure of the instrument; appearance of the instrument and if its had a recent set of new strings and regulation - those are the areas and questions most buyers are interested in knowing. Ultimately, the sale price will be determined by the local market of your area and what people there are willing to pay - we have no idea what that might be due to the the size of this country from coast to coast and  the fluctuation of people's economic situations at any given point in time.

If you are not the original owner  we have copies of most prices lists over the life of the company to date and via email can provide you the current list price the harp sold for at its manufacture date.  To obtain that you must email dak@venusharps.com, include you full name, city  and state.  The VENUS harp MODEL (ie, Cherub, Premier, Classic, Diplomat etc) and the Serial ID# which is on the front of the action plate and the lower left side facing the harp.  It will be under the last few wire strings.  It will say NO.xxx or NO.xxxx.  Harps before 1980 usually have a 3 digit number, after 1980 usually have a 4 digit number ie: NO.123, NO.1234.  There are exceptions, but it will always be a 3 or 4 digit number.  If not sure of your model.. count the strings and go the the list of harps above and look at each group and find your harp by style to see its Name.Harp Serial

If you have one of the original VENUS Baroque Lever harps - they all sold for approximately $750.00 new for the limited number made back in late 1960's and early 1970's - they have been out of production since that time and we do not have levers for them you can use any mainstream lever harp company's levers on the market of your choice.

Please do not call for this information  - it will be provided by Email ONLY.