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All inquires or questions to :

Due to excessive amounts of emails from infected computers with viruses of all sorts, we now ask that if you email us for any type of information, please provide your full name, location and full email address so we know it is a legitimate request vs spam email from infected computers and their address books. 

If we determine emails to be from infected computers we will reply advising you of the problem. We cannot respond to information requests of any kind without knowing whom and where we are corresponding.


VENUS Factory & Showroom (Chicago)

1-773-278-4210, 773-278-4238 ASK FOR WALT JR
8AM-2PM Central Standard Time
Monday thru Friday

Calls after 2PM CST, weekends or holidays  please leave message. Factory/Showroom phone numbers available for : general company/product information, completed harp stock availability, placing new orders, checking on production delivery time for new order or pending sales production orders, authorized harp road techs, misc orders and requests, visiting factory and showroom.

Business Office (satellite location)

1-847 818-0578  
10AM-6PM CentralStandardTime 

Accounting and Harp Financing ONLY
can leave messages on answering machine after hours and holidays when factory is clossed

Regulations: Please call or email  the factory to make an appointment for regulation at the factory.

For Kurt Berg, VENUS Factory authorized Tech, you can email at contactfactory@venusharps.com or his email harprx@aol.com. Harps under warranty must be done by the factory tech unless authorized in writing via email with Walt Jr.

Postal address

W & W Musical Instrument Co.
VENUS Harps Mfg.
3868 W. Grand Avenue
Chicago, IL 60651

(for Business Office, use above address and mark
Attn: Business Office)

Business Office FAX
24 Hours

SPAMBLOCKER: Due to the high number of spam emails received on a daily basis we were forced to employ a spam blocker. As a result you will receive a notice of its use on your FIRST email sent to us. Follow the directions from the spam blocker and your email will reach us without problems. Once your email address is added to our accepted address list you will not receive the spam blocker notifications.

For specific individuals please mark to their attention in the Subject line prior to subject title - email will be forwarded to their personal accounts. 

Email for W&W/VENUS employees sent to our business office email address will not be forwarded to employees unless it is business related. Please use their personal email addresses.