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CONTACT US @ dak@venusharps.com or contactfactory@venusharps.com

 For VENUS Harps and Valkyrie Cordes, Phone (Business office) 847 818 0578 Monday Thru Friday 10AM - 2PM CSTv- Closed Weekends and Holidays-leave short message on machine for after hour or weekend/holidays

For REGULATIONS  contact  Kurt Berg @ 708-214-0226 or harprx@aol.com

SPAMBLOCKER: Due to the high number of spam emails received on a daily basis we were forced to employ a spam blocker. As a result you will receive a notice of its use on your FIRST email sent to us. Follow the directions from the spam blocker and your email will reach us without problems. Once your email address is added to our accepted address list you will not receive the spam blocker notifications.

For specific individuals please mark to their attention in the Subject line prior to subject title - email will be forwarded to their personal accounts. 

Email for W&W/VENUS employees sent to our business office email address will not be forwarded to employees unless it is business related. Please use their personal email addresses.