Featured Harpist
Araia Galiana - Valencia, Spain

   Araia Galiana born in Valencia Spain.  She began her music studies at  the  Sociedad Coral "El Micalet" and continues her studies at the Conservatories  of Valencia and Barcelona.  She has attended Master Classes with N. Zabaleta  and E. Witsenburg, courses with M. Robles, G. Herbert, I. Jones, R. Balcells,  M.L. Ibanez and Baroc Harp with N. Llopis and Jazz  Harp with P. Stickney.

 Araia is a member of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the University of Valencia, where  she also performs in a Harp/Flute duo with Flutist Noelia Carrascosa.  As a solo harp performer, Araia plays throughout Valencia and Barcelona.  She teaches Secondary Schools and offers a program of French Music with Harp and Flute and Recital with Harp.  Araia is seen here with the Red Mahogany Paragon belonging to the Institute of Music, Valencia Spain.  She owns and performs on a VENUS Cherub also.

Araia Galiana can be contacted for studies or her performance schedule at (34) 96 395 0038 or e-mail at araiagaliana@yahoo.es.

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Photo by P. Montoliu